Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who Doesn't Love a Good Cookie?!

Michael's Cookie Jar is finally open!Though Michael Savino has been serving his gorgeous and delicious all-butter cookies since 2006 via mail order, delivery and partnered locations, we now have the opportunity to browse, taste and explore all he has to offer (on a whim even!)in his bright new space on Weslayan near Bissonet in the Randall's Center - behind the Petco at the end opposite Randall's.
Michael is a CIA-trained pastry chef who spent 13 years with The Four Seasons so it goes without saying that he provides stellar service and a quality product. You won't find artificial ingredients - just old-fashioned delicious goodness - and did I mention they're gorgeous? From his website ... "Michael had a special place in his heart for cookies. These bite-sized morsels seemed, in Michael's words, to be poetry in food, seemingly simple in their brevity but complex and satisfying in actuality." How beautiful is that? I love that!
The possibilities for the iced sugar cookies are endless. From gorgeous wedding designs for everything from Save the Date to wedding favors (and how about a "cookie cake" or a groom's "cookie bar" instead of a groom's cake?) to kids birthday and wedding or baby shower cookies and favors, the best part is that they actually taste as good as they look - maybe even better with the delicate pastry and not-too-much or too-sweet icing; there is a just hint of lemon. Check out the ones I ordered for my friend Jenny's birthday; I had them individually wrapped so everyone could easily take a few home from the party.
There are also many varieties of shortbread cookies (the orange shortbread dipped halfway in bittersweet chocolate is my absolute favorite), along with other "fancy tea" cookies, "Americana" cookies (chocolate-chip, peanut-butter, oatmeal and the like); there is truly something for everyone. I also love the seasonal cookies ... the current "patriotic" collection is precious ... and surely delicious as well ... and that's the rub.

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Koci said...

Oooh, these look awesome! I definitely want to check this place out very soon.