Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hot Dawg!!

I love the idea of a place that specializes in hot dogs. I feel like Houston has lacked in hot dog finese compared with other big cities like Chicago or New York. No longer the case with the addition of Ray's Franks to Houston.
While Ray's also serves burgers - and they may be awesome - I can't imagine going to Ray's and not getting a hot dog. There are numerous intriguing choices with clever names. I had an immediate dilemma because I knew I couldn't eat two whole hot dogs but that didn't stop me from ordering two and eating half of each.

Of course I had to have the bacon option - "The Mummy" - an all beef Boar's Head weiner wrapped with bacon. The bacon was thick cut, crisp and tightly wound around the great-tasting beef on a really awesome toasted oversized toasted bun with plenty of tangy/spicy mustard. I couldn't figure out how they got the bacon to stay on so well but I was impressed and eager to try my other choice - a hand-battered corndog. It had a great crunch and a sweet-ish cornbread flavor, again with the beef frank ... right on.

My friend Jenny stepped up to the plate with the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" made with chili, cheese and onions (she added jalapenos). Damn ... Jenny doesn't mess around. Her dog was big on flavor (and visual appeal) but the bun wasn't toasted and it didn't hold up to the filling. We vow to try "The Chupacabra" next time with chili, goat cheese, jalapenos and curry ketchup but we'll make sure the bun is toasted.

Located in the warehouse district, not far from the ballpark and just down the street from the Last Concert Cafe, parking isn't easy but it's worth it.

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Was perusing foodie blogs and came across yours when I realized you are the person I was talking to in line the other day at Nigella. Check out my blog at I like Ian Moore too. Such a small world!