Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Menu Items for Fall at Shade ...

I don’t go to Shade often enough. One of the city’s best restaurants is just a few blocks away and while I pop in for lunch fairly often, I definitely don’t go often enough for dinner.

I had a fabulous meal there this week amongst the new Fall menu items (not yet listed on their website). The Pan Seared Duck Breast and Leg Confit over sweet corn-poblano pudding, braised collard greens and ancho red wine reduction was a revelation. The duck was cooked perfectly (and I love that they use more than just the breast).
It had a gorgeous sear and depth of flavor that was perfectly complimented by the ancho red wine reduction as well as the collards. The corn-poblano pudding was moist and delicious. I was also reminded of the stellar breads Shade bakes on premise and I plan to return soon for more of the fall menu, including a “buttermilk fried rabbit loin” … mmmm.

I’m now even more excited about Claire Smith’s new venture, “Canopy” scheduled to open at the end of November on Montrose for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week! See the post on Cleverley’s blogtoday.

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