Monday, September 28, 2009

Fearless Critic - 2010 Edition!

Get'em while they're hot! Yes, I'm shamelessly promoting the new edition because I was a contributing writer/critic for it and we worked really hard on it! I have no idea why the image looks blue ... its not blue ...
I'm proud to be a part of the "council" here in Houston ... a fact that I've kept pretty much to myself up until this point. Lots of intense discussion and debate went into this baby and I think people will really enjoy it and be inspired to take advantage of the extremely diverse dining scene we enjoy in Houston. You can also check out for a searchable database for Houston where we will be submitting updated reviews on an ongoing basis. The book is available at Whole Foods, New Living, bookstores and on Amazon, of course.

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foodie said...

Hi can you email me at I am interested in possibly writing for Fearless Critic. I see the requirements on the website, but was wondering if I could discuss with you first. Thanks.

Bryce Vanderford
Self-Professed Foodie